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We at DJ's Septic Pumping Services have been proudly serving the Lakes Region of New Hampshire for over 35 years. We are a family owned and operated business dedicated to meeting the needs of all our customers and community alike. We are fully licensed by the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services. Also, we are members of the New Hampshire Association of Septage Haulers, where both David and Nathan have served as past presidents. Nathan and Sarah are ready to assist you with all your septic maintenance needs.

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Septic Pumping Services

We provide routine and emergency septic pumping for residential, commercial, and municipal customers. Our service area is predominantly the Lakes Region of New Hampshire, but we provide septic pumping services for customers from as far south as Concord all the way north to Bartlett.

Grease Pumping Services

For those customers who have commercial grease tanks such as restaurants, schools, hospitals, summer camps, practically anyone who prepares food commercially, we are equipped to maintenance these tanks. These systems require a more customized approach to maintenance than septic tanks, and typically are serviced more frequently.

Emergency Septic Pumping

No matter how responsible you are with your septic tank pumping, things happen. Blockages, backups, root infiltration, broken pipes, pump station failures, these are only a few of the things tend to occur when least expected and can create an emergency situation. We are experts in dealing with these situations and are ready to assist you if and when they happen.

Septic Maintenance Schedules - Commercial, Residential, Municipal

We provide personalized maintenance schedules for over 5000 of our customers where Nathan and Sarah will keep a record of your septic maintenance needs, and Sarah will call you with a reminder whenever your system is due for maintenance. Routine septic pumping frequency is not a one size fits all equation. There are many factors that dictate when a septic tank is ready to be serviced. Tank size, household occupants, personal habits are but a few of the factors which will determine the frequency of your personalized pumping schedule.

Sewer Pump Maintenance/ Installation

For those customers who have pump-up systems, we at DJ’s Septic are experts at servicing your system. We provide pump services for all customers from a small basement ejector pump servicing a below grade bathroom, residential effluent pumps, all the way to multi pump commercial pump stations, grinder pumps, raw sewage disposal systems, and control panels. We also do new installations for contractors, homeowners, and septic system installers.


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FAQ - Information

Good Habits For Maintaining Your Septic

Our number one goal at DJ’s Septic is to provide routine preventative maintenance to help you avoid an emergency situation where your septic system backs up, or where your leach field becomes compromised. If you follow a few rules, in addition to good maintenance, you will prolong the life of your septic system.

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What shouldn't be flushed into my septic?

Flushing non biodegradable items such as wipes, diapers, feminine hygiene products, cleaning products, Q-tips, condoms, cigarette butts, and garbage is harmful to your septic system. Remember your septic tank is not a trash can, only human waste and toilet tissue should ever be flushed.

Can I flush cooking grease or oil?

Do not allow greases and oils to go down the drains! These oils and fats solidify in your plumbing and septic tank and can lead to costly blockages and backups.

Since Covid, we wash our hands frequently with copious amounts of soap that kills 99.9% of all bacteria. Can that harm a septic?

Do not allow harmful substances which can destroy the good bacteria in your system needed for healthy operation. Harmful substances include: paint, solvents, pesticides, caustic drain cleaners, chlorine, or overuse of antibacterial cleaning products.

How does water consumption affect my septic?

Be aware of your water consumption. Do not overtax your system by doing multiple loads of laundry in short succession, leaving faucets running, or habits which are generally wasteful of water. Every bit of water you put down a drain is that much your septic system has to dispose of.

Take care of your leach field!

Do not drive or operate heavy equipment on top of your drain field. All forms of modern leach fields have some form of plastic pipes which are susceptible to damage from the weight of something being driven over them. Do not plant anything on your leach field that is going to allow roots to infiltrate and plug up your field. Grass is good, anything else should be cut down.

Is it okay to add commercial additives to a septic system?

While there are many opinions on this matter, we do not endorse the use of these products as they are not necessary and in some instances can do more harm than good.


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Husband and wife team Nathan and Sarah Warner are ready to help you with all your septic needs. When not working, we spend our free time with our three kids Emily, Nathan Jr., and Edward, and our lab Charlie.

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